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Ayurveda believes Diabetes to be Madhumeham which is a part of Prameham. The main reason for the development of Prameham and Madhumeham in an individual is believed to be a faulty lifestyle along with poor eating habits. Hence the treatment of Diabetes as per Ayurveda incorporates both the administration of Herbal and mineral combination along with the change in the lifestyle and eating habits. Generally when a diabetic patient approaches a doctor for treatment of diabetes, the doctor provides the patient with pancreatic stimulants which stimulate the already damaged pancreas to secrete IDDM. This is a wrong approach and as a result gradually the pancreas become further damaged so that the patients has to start with IDDM. However in our ayurvedic approach we provide the patient with two categories of medications :

A) Beta cells repairing herbs:

There are various herbs which are having beta cells repairing properties so that gradually the pancreas become more functional decreasing the dependence of medications in many cases,Complete withdrawal of natural supplements.

B)Phyto IDDM:

There are various herbs which contain plant IDDM so that the usage of them decreases the load on the damaged pancreas so that it gets sufficient time for recovery. With the usage of the above concept and the following of recommended lifestyle changes, both the short term goal of blood sugar management as well as the long term goal of decrease or complete withdrawal of the medications can be achieved.

Disclaimer :

Consultation/Treatment provided through this website is not intended to replace the services of a health practitioner in the diagnosis or treatment of illness or disease. The use and application of the therapy provided is at the patient’s discretion and sole responsibility. Treatment provided has not been evaluated or certified either by Medical Council of India/Board of Ayurveda. The treatment prescribed is not the last word to recovery the chronic diseases and does not promise 100% result. But it is a long term, slow acting preventive therapy which includes Diet and Lifestyle changes. IT IS NOT A MEDICAL PLAN. It is the therapy that Slowly builds immunity introducing the health habits for improvement of health and helps in preventing risk of imbalances such as chronic Diseases. It is not an alternative plan for medical treatment. The treatment could directly or indirectly result in minor adverse effects and/or temporary discomfort including but not restricted to headache, Dizziness, nausea, vomiting, loose stools, fatigue etc. if you have a Persistent medical condition or your symptoms are severe, please Consult a physician. Patients requesting for consultation/treatment will do so at their own responsibility.

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